Film your own edding the Newlyweds Leaving the Church

Film your own edding the Newlyweds Leaving the Church…First of all, take a spot in the central aisle
facing the altar. You will be going backwards,
so make your intentions clear to the
photographer. It will be better for you to stay
on the right hand side of the photographer.

In this case you will be able to see the
photographer on your left and to coordinate
your movements along with his or hers.
The segment starts with the announcement and
congratulations from the priest.

Frame on all three: the priest and the newly married couple.
You may want to start rolling a bit earlier,
especially if you are planning to edit the video.
Keep it on the three through entire
announcement. Hold it like that while the
guests are giving the couple their applause.

After few seconds of applause the Wedding
March begins to play giving you a signal to start
slowly backing up toward the exit. If the couple
does not follow you, slow down, keep rolling
and beckon them to follow you. Keep it wide all
the time and control framing by adjusting the
distance between you and the couple.Film your own edding the Newlyweds Leaving the Church.