Film your own wedding DIY weddings

Ways to Have a Beautiful DIY Wedding on a Budget

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are some things you can’t control: how your mom reacts when she sees your dress, whether or not the officiant forgets your spouse’s name during the ceremony, and the weather on your big day. But there are things you can control to make sure you have an amazing wedding and don’t break the bank in the process! Follow these 5 tips to host a beautiful DIY wedding on a budget that you won’t soon forget. Film your own wedding DIY weddings

Think Small think

While you may have your heart set on having hundreds of guests and throwing a lavish wedding, thinking small and simple can save you money in other areas. For example, skipping traditional wedding photography in favor of filming your own wedding can save you money while still preserving memories. Or skip fancy floral arrangements or cake decorations by choosing local vendors and preparing everything yourself. Plus, one less detail means more time for important things—like spending time with family and friends! If you’re getting married abroad, consider opting for a destination wedding.

Film your own wedding DIY weddings

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