Film your own wedding The grooms house

Film your own wedding The grooms house
Groom’s House
The idea of the groom’s house coverage is to
film the guys and the family getting ready for
the ceremony. It’s fun, it’s touching and it is
serious, all in one.

The moments here not to be missed:
the groom and his mother;
groomsmen having a drink;
a few words from the groomsmen;
best wishes from mom and dad;
outdoor activity;
house decoration.
The Groom and His Mother
The idea of the shot is simple.

The mother is
helping her son to start his new family. For the
last time, she is seeing him as a single man.

Show some interaction between the two.
The best and the easiest thing to shoot is mom
helping her son with his outfit.

Usually, the groom is supposed to have a nice corsage
attached to his lapel. If the corsage is already
in place upon your arrival, you may ask mom to
redo it for the camera.

If the plan is to do corsages in the church prior to the Ceremony,
you may still suggest staging the shot for the
Ask mom to check her son’s tie, shirt, and
jacket. Then comes the corsage.

Ask the groom
to give his mom a hug and a kiss after she is
done with the corsage. Some men would not do
that unless being asked…Film your own wedding The grooms house

Film it like a pro