Film your own wedding the groomsmen

Film your own wedding the groomsmen

Shooting Few Words from the
Practically, it is easier to accomplish when all
the groomsmen got together, all dressed up
and available for a shoot.

This may be a moment just before the photographer starts
taking formal shots of the guys with the groom,
or, even better, right after. You may film them
one by one, but in order to reduce your chance
to omit somebody, better take them all at once.
If your camera microphone is good enough, go
for it. However, it is preferable to move into a
quiet area.

You can do this by excusing yourself
with the groomsmen to the next quiet room or
attracting everybody’s attention to the fact of
doing the impromptu interview. You may do it
outside as well, on the backyard or in the front,
as long as it is quiet out there. Watch for
laundry lines on the background.

Ask the guys to line up, tell them what you are
going to do and ask them to keep it short and
nice. As soon as the person on either side is
ready, start filming one person at a time.

Film your own wedding the groomsmen getting into the swing

Frame it at head and shoulders, elbows or waist
up. After one person has finished, pan slowly to
the next one and record the next clip. Carry on
until you have got everyone covered.
Thank the groomsmen for the great
opportunity. Move along to your next shoot.

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