The 1 Camera Package £450

The 1 Camera Package £450:



A great You Do The Shoot package supplying you with everything you need to shoot your great DIY wedding video.

* 1 Panasonic SD 900 the best pro-consumer camcorder on the market

* 4-5 days hire

* 3 hours of recording time. Recorded on to internal memory so no tapes to worry about

* 3 Spare batteries

* 1 tripods

* 1 carry cases for your camcorders

* A free uplight for your camcorder essential for low light shooting

* Online tutorial and shot list

* Guaranteed delivery and collection to anywhere in the UK

* Full insurance


* 3.5 hours of filming time

* 30 minute Best Bits you can upload to the web and share with friends + slide show and highlights all sent to you on a memory stick

* Cool graphics touches

* Freeze frames name titles special effects and rolling credits

* Your choice of music

* A stills photo montage taken from your footage and added to the end of your video as a 50 shot slide show