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Videography Services

You Do The Shoot Wedding Videography Concept

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Have you ever wondered why some traditional wedding videos lack the charm and humour of the home made wedding video?

Because a professional videographer, no matter how good he is, can only film so much. He is never going to have the access and relaxed easy going relationship you have with your friends and family A pro video may be very beautiful, but it will always lack the charm and humour of a DIY wedding video filmed by your nearest and dearest. All you need to make it look great is in the editing room


Why not just have my friends film my wedding video then?

They entirly can, on the other hand it may not be entirly practicle in certain cases That's why we offer the option of including a videographer with your standard package.

When it comes to the informal stuff your friends and family are the experts When it comes to the formal look, a professional videographers bring this to the party.

That's why in some cases the best option is to combine the two. The DIY Wedding vidoe and the Pro all in the same package


Destination Wedding Videography


Why not have a well edited, truly sentimental video of your destination wedding staring your guests. Our camera can be taken abroad for an extended duration to capture the memories and people at your wedding.

Our services extend to editing additional footage caught on personal camcorders, camera phones and other devices, so your video will include the scenes that are important to you as well as all the 'behind the scenes' fun and antics.Only possible when you film your own wedding.

Our comprehensive guide will be sent to you for your selected camera men to help them capture some great footage. We will also be available on telephone or for a video chat via Skype should any problems occur.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements with us today. With our advice and editing your DIY wedding video will be great.


Asian Weddings


Asian weddings are an event. With so many people and ceremonies, there is ample opportunity to capture some great 'behind the scenes' footage that is otherwise overlooked by ordinary wedding videographers. Here, at You Do the Shoot, we can provide cameras for an extended duration so you can catch moments from the different events such as:

  1. The Sangeet
  2. The Mendi Night
  3. The Pithi Night
  4. The Wedding Day

Plus any additional events you may have planned.

We will liaise with you and send you a tutorial to ensure your selected camera men get some great shots on the day and our professional videographer/cameraman-director will be advising and directing you filmers so you can relax and enjoy the day. Remember, you can also send us additional footage from camera phones, personal camcorders and any other devices.

We will then refer to your editing notes when editing to ensure we include the people and moments that are important to you as well as the funny and priceless scenes that can not be predicted!

We will edit the footage and divide them over chapters that have been pre-agreed with you to give you a bespoke wedding video with all the beautiful colour and atmosphere of your wedding.

Wedding Diary Room

Why not add a new twist to the wedding day guest book tradition? With a box of props and a camera on a tripod, your guests can record their video messages to you in a diary room style. The messages can make amusing and heart warming interludes on your final wedding video, or compiled on a single DVD.

It is an easy way to not only entertain guests, but to immortalze the parts of the messages that are often missed in print!

Another advantage of the DIY wedding video


Wedding Video Prices and Packages

An option to suit everyone

What sets our wedding videos apart, from other company's is this. When you film it yourself ...It will always be better than when a stranger films it for you ......It's that simple

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Film your own wedding packages from £575.

All our packages include a consultation with our professional staff, who are also available over Skype in the run up and during the big event should you need an immediate response.

With the standard, standard plus and preview package you will be provided with 2 top quality camcorders:

* Two Panasonic SD900s the best pro-consumer camcorder on the market

* A Professional videographer/Cameraman-director.... if required

* Spare batteries

* An uplight for your camcorder

* Two tripods

* Two carry cases for your camcorder

* Guaranteed delivery and collection to anywhere in the UK

* 5 fully edited DVD's with bespoke covers and cases

A great package supplying you with everything you need to film your own wedding video.

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The spontaneity of the concept.Without the stress and a professional cameraman/director for an added high end look

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Review your footage and decide whether to edit the footage yourself, or to upgrade and have us do the job for you.

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Shoot your video on your own cameras, we will collect your footage and edit your video to the same specifcation as our package videos. £365

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A great package for smaller budgets, giving you the opportunity to capture all the best bits from the day without breaking the bank.

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Additions and alterations can be made to each of the wedding packages. See our additions page for more information. For more info get in touch or give us a call

on 0203 560 8227 Mob: 079 515 490 12

or email us at info@youdotheshoot.com

YOU DO THE SHOOT TIPS to make an even better DIY wedding video

Hi Guys lots of cool tips

to make your DIY wedding video even more AWESOME

One quick tip .... get the guests to leave a message for the couple, useing the flip screen on the camera,  that way they can see themselves while they're filming the  message....nice tip I recon

a video version of a selfie ..a velfie .Great Results guaranteed, and they hold the camera nice and close to their face which is always funsmiley



Best bits of advice is whilst filming

1: people are compelled to move the camera around far to much. So try to avoid zooming and try to keep the camcorder still. This one bit of advice will make a huge difference to your footage. For example during the ceremony keep the camcorder fixed on the bride and groom. avoid swinging the camcorder between the couple the vicar and the guests.

2: Whoever is doing the filming, try to get them to engage with the people they are filming.(obviously not during the ceremony hehe)
Or in other words. Talk to the people you are filming, while you are filming them.

3: Multiple angles....It's a simple thing,  when you shoot a static things, say someone getting their make up done. Shoot that same thing from different angles. This adds interest and gives the impression of multiple cameras


Addressing your filming concerns

The main concern people have regarding filming the wedding themselves is this

Will my friends film the important bits.

Ok so the important bit are theses...The ceremony, confetti throwing and speeches that what you would pay a huge amount for a pro to film

The simple way to avoid any errors when these  parts of  the day are being  filmed is this make sure you have both cameras filming these particular bits.

That way if one dose make a mistake the other will have it covered


Your Filmer

A good choice for a filmer is someone who id naturally out going and funny. Best not to choose someone who is shy

It's also good to pick someone who will know a lot of the people at your event

Tell them to talk to your guests or interact with them. they could ask them to do something funny for instance dance like Micheal Jackson, recite you favorite line from a movie do an impersonation of the groom, whatever the idea is to bring people out of there shells.  Ask them to use their imagination.
Or in other words. Talk to the people you are filming, while you are filming them and have fun.

Good position for the ceremony shoot

3: When filming the ceremony try to place yourself behind the vicar or at least parallel with him. Or put another way, place yourself so the couple getting married are facing you during the ceremony. This way you will get to film the bride and grooms faces during the ceremony.

If this position is not feasible, then try to get a seat near the front for the ceremony on the aisle side ( see attachment camcorder  position )

When ever possible  make sure at least on camcorder is positioned slightly  behind and  to the left of the person doing the ceremony this way you will always capture the bride, as they are always positioned to the right of the person conducting the ceremony ( see attachment )


Good Audio

4:If someone  wants to leave a message for the couple to the camera while you are filming, or has something specific to say and you the filmer are in a noisy environment, get as close to the person who is speaking as possible. Make sure the camcorder is not zoomed at all and get as close as possible without the footage looking ridiculous.

This will make a massive difference to the audio you will hear the person talking clearly and and the background noise will be...well background noise and unobtrusive

On the same subject when you film the speeches  make sure you are not to far away from the speakers.

Between 10 and 20 feet if fine. This will assure good clear audio

Questions for the guest

Obviously ask whatever you like but theses questions always seem to get a good response

What is your favorite thing about ...insert name

What is your favorite memory...insert name

would you like to leave... insert names... a message it can be anything


Ideally you will shoot the speeches with both Cameras

One camera, the main should remain fixed on the speaker at all time preferably on a tripod

The other camera can be more free and shoot the speaker and also reaction from the audience, especially the bride and groom

It's also important that you get good quality audio with the speeches

If the speaker is not using a microphone the its important that the main camera is relatively close to him say between 15-20 feet

Alternatively  if he is using a microphone position yourself relatively close to the PA speakers he is using



Video selfie

Flip the  camcorder screen around and let people do a video selfie......... always guaranteed hilarious results



Remember to use those lights in the evening they make a massive difference and also remember you  can just their brightness likewith  a dimmer switch. They don't always have to be on full.... having them set just on 50% will make a big difference to your footage and be less obtrusive to the guests



Camcorder Buttons

 A quick visual guide of what buttons to avoid on the camcorder  ( see attachment )

Although not a disaster, it's best if you don't press the buttons on the camcorder shown in the attachment

We also cover the buttons that should not be pressed with tape

It is Also unnecessary to turn the camcorder on and off during the day

Just close the screen and the camcorder goes into sleep mode, so uses very little power


If in doubt check the photographer out

OK this last bit of advice is priceless.... If in doubt see what the photographer is doing

Essentially you are doing the same job just with different mediums and the photographer will have had a lot of experience and know where to be and when

If you stick close to the photographer without getting in their way  								
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Contact Us

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The Big Day

Are your cameras insured and how does it work?

All the video cameras are insured for both yours and our peace of mind. There is, however, an excess of £250, which you are liable for if we should have to ever make a claim in excess of that amount. We assume there will be some wear and tear to the camera, weddings can be quite boisterous, but if it has been damaged by being dropped or knocked, it will need to be fully serviced and you would be liable for these cost as well as the cost to replace any missing equipment.


What if there are any issues with the camera on the day?

We do everything within our power to make sure the video cameras are delivered to you in great working order. They are thoroughly tested with batteries fully charged before they are sent. Because they are delivered 2 days prior to the wedding day you will have ample opportunity to check them out.

In the unlikely event there are any technical query’s not covered in our tutorial we are just a phone call away, or even better, a Skype call away so we are able show you exactly what you need you know. If in the worst-case scenario somehow the camera is damaged in transit on its way to you, we will ship out a replacement immediately.


Camera Tec spec and stuff

We use the Panasonic SD900, the best proconsumer video camcorder on the market.very easy to use and ideal to film your wedding with.

Are the cameras easy to use?

All are cameras are pre-set to auto which means all you have to do is point and shoot. They are designed for quick and easy operation they produce great quality footage. Even in low light they have 400mins of battery life and come with a directional mic on board, which is vital for good sound quality. To film you own wedding video could not be easier.

Are my friends and family going to have a clue what to dooooo?

Our tutorial will give you everything you need to shoot a great wedding video. There easy to follow and explains how to operate the cameras, what to film and best way to film it. The idea being. Not only do we shows you how to shoot a great video, we show you how to have fun while you are doing it! Plus, if you order our film it with us package. You get the security of having our professional videographer/cameraman-director with you on your wedding day.


The Editing


How long dose it take to get my finished DVD?

Normally between 4 and 6 weeks depending on how busy we are, but sooner if possible. What is most important to us is that your finished DVD is not rushed and the entirety of your wedding is captured in all its glory.

We do offer an express service for £135, which guarantees that the editing is completed within 8 working days.


Can we choose the music used on our video?

You can choose what ever music you like for your DVD and where you would like us to place it. A few weeks prior to your wedding we will send you a questionnaire covering music choice,wedding venue and names of all relevant friend and family which will be added to your video.

What if the footage we have shot is no good?

Most of us, at some time or other have used a video camera; we are all pretty familiar with the concept. The truth is there is not much difference between what you do on your holidays with your own camera, and what the pros do at a wedding. The main difference are the cameras themselves and remember we will be there on the day.

The cameras we provide not only produce very high quality footage, they are incredibly easy to use. We are sure that once your allotted filmers have checked the tutorial and shot a couple of minutes of footage, their confidence will soar.

Our advice is to choose people who will take the job seriously.

How will you know what footage to use in my video?

That's Our job,our experience has taught us what can and cant be used. We go through all the footage picking out all the key shots leading up to the wedding day, the arrival at the venue, vows, speeches and all those magic moments caught by you. That make your video funny and charming. That gives your wedding video real character. We also send you all the footage whether it was used in your finished DVD or not.

Our Services

Do you offer your services for any other events?

If your event can to be videoed then we would love to get involved!


Do you cater for Asian Weddings?

We do an Asian wedding package to cater for the extended duration of the pre wedding events. Check it out in our prices and packages page.


Can we travel abroad with your cameras?

No problem we deliver to your allocated UK address and you can take the video camera equipment abroad as hand luggage for your destination wedding video. The standard hire duration for are cameras is 4 days, if you want to extend this we charge £35 extra per day.

How much does you service cost?

The standard, film your own wedding video package starts at just £475. For this you get all the camera equipment, including tripods, our tutorials and five fully edited and produced videos.

For more details check our prices and package for a more detailed break down.

Will you edit footage shot on our own cameras?

If the footage is compatible with our editing set up, then there should be no problem. If you feel you would rather shoot the wedding video on your camera that’s OK with us. We charge £200 for the edit. I would just say that your average home video camera might not be up to the job, especially concerning the sound quality.

Can you supply someone to shoot the wedding for us if required?

We can supply you with a professional videographer/cameraman. They are charged at hourly rates.This dose not include the £200 editing costs

4 hours £300 travel cost will apply for weddings outside the m25
6 hours £350
8 Hours £400

Booking Your Shoot

What are your terms and conditions?

Check out our terms and conditions here.


Once I have made a booking what happens next?

Once you have chosen your wedding video package and made your booking we will send you out a contract with our rental agreement attached you will need to scan or photo copy 3 forms of proof of address such as a drivers licence, passport, phone bill or utility bill. This is to cover the terms of our insurance policy. Please do not send us the originals.


What kinds of payment terms are available?

There is a 50% upfront payment due at the time of your booking, this secures your dates and videographer. The reaming 50% is due 3 weeks prior to your wedding day. Payments can be made via BACs or by credit card over the phone.

With all the 1001 other things you have to think about we will send you a reminder 3 weeks before the big day.

How do I make a booking?

You contact us directly, this way we can answer any additional questions you may have, check availability and go through some of your event details.