Why it’s better to film your own wedding

Why it’s better to film your own wedding…A client asked me recently wouldn’t it be better to have a professional  film the wedding.
And I said it maybe one of the only situations where it is actually better to film your own wedding. Why she asked.

Well what’s  the objective of a wedding video, surly to capture the how special that day was for you and your family and friends. Now ask yourself will you behave the same way if there is a stranger constantly filming you.

making you feel  self conscious and aware that you are being watched at all time. That will not only effect you and your friends behavior. After all this supposed to be fun, a laugh and relaxed. 

Which in turn will effect the whole day. In short you will actually have a different wedding day with a stranger intruding constantly. No what you want is a close friend who is not going to effect the way you act doing the filming. that way you get a REAL wedding video and a REAL wedding check out our reviews on facebook and our videos on our site…Why it’s better to film your own wedding