Why Choose Us?

At You Do The Shoot, we help you create high quality video recordings to document and cherish life's biggest milestones. We believe that the best people to film your wedding are the people closest to you, who will be able to create a personal recording which captures the truly unique nature of your event. Our expert editors use footage taken by your loved ones to produce a video that is completely individual to you. You’ll end up with a professionally edited DVD that will bring your day back in vivid detail and which you’ll be able to share with your friends and family for years to come.

All things being equal price, equipment etc... without doubt the most important thing to consider when deciding who to book your wedding video with is THE EDIT... in this respect we like to think we are the best....Check out our videos below and judge for yourself!

1. We provide you with professional-grade videography equipment along with video tutorials to help you get started.

2. Your friends and family shoot fantastic raw footage on your big day.

3. We select and edit highlights of your footage to produce a memorable and unique video.

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Edit Only
  • Equipment Only
    • 2x Panasonic SD 900
    • 2x Tripods
    • 5 fully edited DVD's with bespoke covers and cases.
    • Much more!
    • £575 
  • All the benefits of the Standard Package but with a Professional Videographer filming and supervising the filming process.

    Prices start at £790.

  • We produce 5 fully edited DVD's with bespoke covers and cases using your own footage.


  • This package includes our fantastic videographers kit but lacks our final DVD edits.



Are the cameras easy to use?

Yes! All our cameras are pre-set to auto which means all you have to do is point and shoot. They are designed for quick and easy operation and produce great quality footage.

Can we travel abroad with your cameras?

No problem, we deliver to your allocated UK address and you can take the video camera equipment abroad as hand luggage for your destination wedding video. The standard hire duration for are cameras is 4 days, if you want to extend this we charge £35 extra per day.

"Ben did a fantastic job at editing our wedding video, it was great to watch all of the highlights back! I would definitely recommend You Do The Shoot for a really original way of filming your wedding day!" flm your own wedding, give it a go

- Jessi Crawford, 2019

"What an absolute pleasure it has been working with Ben from You do the shoot. I cannot recommend this service enough for your special day. He was professional from start to finish and he was so easy to communicate with."

- Claire Sadler, 2020

Check out more finished videos on our Youtube!

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