A Covid Wedding

A Covid Wedding. We have been editing some weddings that have taken place during the pandemic. Surprisingly they had all you would expect from a normal wedding just with fewer people.

You might think that would spoil the occasion. But in some ways you could argue it was better. What do I mean. Well to start with it was far more intimate, who ever said for a wedding to be good you need a hundred people there.

The wedding industry thats who. So what you have instead is a far more intimate occasion.You also have a feeling that the people who have been invited feel very special. Like they are your real friends and they appreciate it.

Everything just becomes more relaxed. the cost for a change is far more reasonable. Especially with the great deals being offered to fill unused facilities.

It’s strange how we have become used to the big lavish affair .What I think has happened, just like in all commercial sectors. We have been convinced by vested interests that the more money you spend, the happier you will be. Its Christmas all over aging . OK I’ll get off my soapbox now.

The most recent video we made. The wedding was planned in two days, It was held in a back graden. There were thirty odd people there and it was great. After all what’s more important the money you spend or the occasion it self. our take in a A covid Wedding… check out our reviews on facebook and our videos on our site