A list of shots

Action shot: indicates the movement in the
video could be the objects’ movement, camera
movement, or both; often used in reference to
“good TV” as opposed to static shoot,
sometimes considered as a “boring TV”.

Beauty shot: the portion of the video focused
on an attractive object, often a close-up.

Jumpcut: relates to the video editing process
and indicates deliberate or erroneous use of
similarly framed shots one after another
causing an impression of the unsmooth video

Frame: relates to the outer line of what you
see in your viewfinder, might as well be
imperative to “compose your shot”.

Low angle: relates to the shooting direction. In
In many cases, the camera person would naturally
hold the camera at his or her face level. If
he/she points the camera up, that would be a
low angle shot. Sometimes though the camera
a person would deliberately hold the camera low
and tilt it up to dramatize the shot or to show
something unseen from another angle, or to
entertain the viewer.