Groomsmen Having a Drink

Film your own wedding Shooting the Groomsmen Having a
Drink This should be a cheerful, noisy and casual
video. The groom, all the groomsmen, probably
mom and dad and close family would form a
semicircle around the table. Everybody is
cheering and having a drink. film your own wedding video is fun

DIY wedding videos

The whole point of this approach ti filming your wedding video is,

that you capture the moments that a professional can not, that is to say, the moments where everyone is having fun and unselfconscious because it’s a friend doing the filming …so make the most of the aspect of the shoot and YOU WILL MAKE A GREAT WEDDING VIDEO

Consult with the groom first if he likes that
idea. Actually it makes sense to talk to the
bride and the groom beforehand about various
aspects of the video coverage and to discuss
some key moments of the wedding day. DIY wedding videos

If both the dad and the best man are going to
be present in the shot, split their roles. For
example ask dad to pour drinks and the best
man to toast, or vice versa. Ask the groom to
take his place in the center.

Some guys are
unbelievably shy, so you may have to ask. The
best man stays next to the groom. Make sure
you can see everybody. You might as well ask
the participants to be able to see you. If they
can see you, there is a good chance you’ll get
them all on tape.

Film you own wedding video

If your lens is not wide enough to include all
the groomsmen in the shot, start on the
toasting person and the groom. After the toast
is said, slowly pan sideways; stay at the end of
the line for some time and slowly pan the other
way along the line.

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