Film your own wedding shot list

Wedding Day Events to Be Covered

Film your own wedding shot list…The Wedding Day usually falls into 5 events:
groom’s house;
bride’s house;
photo session (or park portion);

Depending on how much you want to cover,
your ability to travel or to be in two places at
the same time and other factors, you may omit
groom’s house and photo session.
The Ceremony, of course, is the most important
part of the day. Coverage of bride and
bridesmaids getting ready and the guests at the
reception will add some nice details to the final

At the final editing stage you may add:
• a photo montage (could be called a slide
show, or a “love story”) made of the still
photos of the couple;
pre-filmed interviews;
the rehearsal video;
and the honeymoon video or slide show.
To summarize, you will choose from the
following options:
• Essential: ceremony only.

Modest: bride’s house, ceremony and
• Full day coverage: groom’s house, bride’s
house, ceremony, park portion and
• Luxury package: full day coverage, plus
slide show, pre-filmed interview,
rehearsal video and honeymoon

Film your own wedding shot list…is a great way to create a unique wedding video