Filming the couple as they leave the church

Filming the couple as they leave the church…Shooting the Newlyweds Leaving after
the Wedding Ceremony
After everybody is done greeting the newly
married couple and wishing them well, and
after the group photo is taken, the couple will
leave for the photo shoot, for the reception, for
the honeymoon, or just to take some rest.

DIY Wedding videos Filming the couple

DIY Wedding videos…This moment is important as a closure for the
ceremony segment of your video. If the couple
is leaving in a limo, the chauffeur may offer
them Champagne. Shoot the bottle, the cork
being crack open, wine being poured into the
glasses, new husband and wife cheering up and
giving each other a kiss. You may need to
direct them as well.

How to film your own wedding as they leave the church

How to film your own wedding…Get a shot of the couple getting into the car.
Position yourself in such a way that you can see
their faces rather than their backs. You might
as well ask the driver to roll down the window
for that shot. Get the shot of the happy couple

and their friends inside the limo. Most people
don’t ride limos very often, so it will be
appropriate to show the significance of the

Let the driver know that you are going to get a
shot of the limo leaving the spot. If the limo
has the “Just married” sign on the rear, you
may start on the close up of that sign. Start
zooming out after the car starts moving away.
You may as well start with the front of the car
at a low angle. Let the limo drive by, revealing
the church and the crowd waving good bye to
the couple. go ahead and have a go it’s fun…Filming the couple as they leave the church

Film your own wedding