How It Works

Step 1 - We Deliver The Cameras

Once you’ve decided on your package and spoken to our team to make sure your experience is tailored specifically to you, we deliver your videography kit directly to your home.

Step 2 - We Show You What To Film

We deliver your camera a few days before the event to give you some time to get to grips with the equipment and shoot some pre wedding footage. All of our equipment is specifically chosen to be easy to use without compromising on quality and we provide a tutorial video to show you the basics. We can also arrange a one-on-one consultation in person or via Skype to go through it with you.

Step 3 - You Film It

It's time for your friends and family to make a great wedding video like only they can with our help and easy to follow guide.

That’s right, you do the shoot, we do the shoot, lets all do the shoot, shoot!

Step 4 - We Edit It

We creatively edit your footage to your choice of backing music and package your DVD in a bespoke box and cover using images taken directly from your big day. Your DVD will also include extra footage such as highlight chapters, slide shows and speeches.

You’ll end up with a fantastic record of one of the most momentous days in your life using footage filmed entirely by you and your loved ones, who better to capture those intimate moments?

Our Cameras

- We work with Panasonic SD900s, specifically chosen for its ease of use and ability to shoot high quality footage.

- All packages also includes carry cases & spare batteries.

About Us

You Do The Shoot has been producing fantastic wedding videos for over 10 years. Owned and operated by Ben, who has a background in video marketing and design and has previously worked with Red Bull, Sony, AOL and many more, we use the latest equipment and experienced video editors to provide a DVD that you will cherish for years to come.

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