Standard Package + Cameraman

£790 - Film your own wedding package with a difference

Get the best of BOTH worlds for your big day? Film your own wedding plus a professional wedding videographer.

A stress free wedding video

With this package we aim to give you the best of both worlds. The charm and spontaneity of the DIY wedding video. Using all the great footage you have shot combined with the expertise of a professional videographer.

Who on arriving at your wedding, will supervise and direct your filmers as part of his crew. Giving you three cameras filming your wedding day. Producing a high end look and total coverage With this package, nothing is missed.

We are the only video company in the UK offering this service.

* 2 Panasonic SD900one of the best pro-consumer camcorder on the market

* 4 days hire

* 8 hours of recording time. Recorded on to internal memory so no tapes to worry about

* Spare batteries

* 2 tripods

* 2 carry cases for your camcorders

* An uplight for your camcorder essential  for low light situations

* Unedited footage provided on request on a 64gig memory stick provided by the client

* Online tutorial and shot list

* Guaranteed delivery and collection to anywhere in the UK

* Your footage  will usually be edited within 28 days or before

* Full insurance

* Professional Cameraman for 4 hours*(travel expenses outside the m25 are not included in the package price)


Plus 5 completely finished, professionally edited packaged DVD’s and a desktop version so you are able to make additional copy's with chapters such as:

* Your best bits

* The ceremony

* The speeches

* Graphics

* Freeze frames name titles special effects and rolling credits

* Your choice of music

* A stills photo montage taken from your footage and added to the end of your video

* A up loadable wed friendly version of your DVD to post on Youtube or Facebook or to make extra copy's