YOU DO THE SHOOT TIPS to make an even better DIY wedding video

Hi Guys lots of cool tips helping you film your own wedding like a pro

How to make your DIY wedding video even more AWESOME

One quick tip .... get the guests to leave a message for the couple, using the flip screen on the camera,  that way they can see themselves while they're filming the  message....nice tip I recon

a video version of a selfie ..a selfie .Great Results guaranteed, and they hold the camera nice and close to their face which is always funsmiley


Best bits of advice is whilst filming

1: people are compelled to move the camera around far to much. So try to avoid zooming and try to keep the camcorder still. This one bit of advice will make a huge difference to your footage. For example during the ceremony keep the camcorder fixed on the bride and groom. avoid swinging the camcorder between the couple the vicar and the guests.

2: Whoever is doing the filming, try to get them to engage with the people they are filming.(obviously not during the ceremony hehe)
Or in other words. Talk to the people you are filming, while you are filming them.

3: Multiple angles....It's a simple thing,  when you shoot a static things, say someone getting their make up done. Shoot that same thing from different angles. This adds interest and gives the impression of multiple cameras


Addressing your filming concerns

The main concern people have regarding filming the wedding themselves is this

Will my friends film the important bits.

Ok so the important bit are theses...The ceremony, confetti throwing and speeches that what you would pay a huge amount for a pro to film

The simple way to avoid any errors when these  parts of  the day are being  filmed is this make sure you have both cameras filming these particular bits.

That way if one dose make a mistake the other will have it covered


Your Filmer

A good choice for a filmer is someone who id naturally out going and funny. Best not to choose someone who is shy

It's also good to pick someone who will know a lot of the people at your event

Tell them to talk to your guests or interact with them. they could ask them to do something funny for instance dance like Micheal Jackson, recite you favorite line from a movie do an impersonation of the groom, whatever the idea is to bring people out of there shells.  Ask them to use their imagination.
Or in other words. Talk to the people you are filming, while you are filming them and have fun.

Good position for the ceremony shoot

3: When filming the ceremony try to place yourself behind the vicar or at least parallel with him. Or put another way, place yourself so the couple getting married are facing you during the ceremony. This way you will get to film the bride and grooms faces during the ceremony.

If this position is not feasible, then try to get a seat near the front for the ceremony on the aisle side ( see attachment camcorder  position )

When ever possible  make sure at least on camcorder is positioned slightly  behind and  to the left of the person doing the ceremony this way you will always capture the bride, as they are always positioned to the right of the person conducting the ceremony ( see attachment )


Good Audio

4:If someone  wants to leave a message for the couple to the camera while you are filming, or has something specific to say and you the filmer are in a noisy environment, get as close to the person who is speaking as possible. Make sure the camcorder is not zoomed at all and get as close as possible without the footage looking ridiculous.

This will make a massive difference to the audio you will hear the person talking clearly and and the background noise will be...well background noise and unobtrusive

On the same subject when you film the speeches  make sure you are not to far away from the speakers.

Between 10 and 20 feet if fine. This will assure good clear audio

Questions for the guest

Obviously ask whatever you like but theses questions always seem to get a good response

What is your favorite thing about ...insert name

What is your favorite memory...insert name

would you like to leave... insert names... a message it can be anything


Ideally you will shoot the speeches with both Cameras

One camera, the main should remain fixed on the speaker at all time preferably on a tripod

The other camera can be more free and shoot the speaker and also reaction from the audience, especially the bride and groom

It's also important that you get good quality audio with the speeches

If the speaker is not using a microphone the its important that the main camera is relatively close to him say between 15-20 feet

Alternatively  if he is using a microphone position yourself relatively close to the PA speakers he is using



Video selfie

Flip the  camcorder screen around and let people do a video selfie......... always guaranteed hilarious results


Remember to use those lights in the evening they make a massive difference and also remember you  can just their brightness like with  a dimmer switch. They don't always have to be on full.... having them set just on 50% will make a big difference to your footage and be less obtrusive to the guests


Camcorder Buttons

 A quick visual guide of what buttons to avoid on the camcorder  ( see attachment )

Although not a disaster, it's best if you don't press the buttons on the camcorder shown in the attachment

We also cover the buttons that should not be pressed with tape

It is Also unnecessary to turn the camcorder on and off during the day

Just close the screen and the camcorder goes into sleep mode, so uses very little power


If in doubt check the photographer out

OK this last bit of advice is priceless.... If in doubt see what the photographer is doing

Essentially you are doing the same job just with different mediums and the photographer will have had a lot of experience and know where to be and when

If you stick close to the photographer without getting in their way


Film your own wedding super detailed tip

Action shot: indicates the movement in the
video, to be honest something to be avoided in most cases... could be the objects' movement, camera
movement, or both; often used in reference to
"good TV" as opposed to static shoot,
sometimes considered as a "boring TV"...Film your own wedding baby

Film your own wedding top tip

Stay on your subject whatever or whoever you're filming... make a mental note to stay on them for at LEAST 5 seconds keeping the camera  perfectly still camera movement what so ever

to often people will flit around and move off the the subject before they have finished what they are doing


Film your own wedding shot list

This is just a guide
to help you remember what you may want to film.The most
important thing is that the process is enjoyable and a lot of
The Bride's Preparations
Travel to the location where the Bride is getting ready. Film her
having her hair and make-up done, capturing any pre-wedding
nerves. If the bridesmaids are also present capture them as they
too get ready.

Film your own wedding super tip

Film loads of stuff don't worry about it being any good, just follow our instructions and keep filming let us work out what's good

Film your own wedding positioning tip

When ever possible try to make sure the light is behind you

This mainly apply when indoors basically if you can, when someone you want to film is  standing infront of a window on a sunny day...try not to film them so you are filming into the sunny window

this creates a silhouette of the person and make it hard to see them.


Film your own wedding shooting tip 3

The Bride’s Preparations
obviously you’re  going to be  where the Bride is getting ready. Film her
having her hair and make-up done, capturing any pre-wedding
nerves. If the bridesmaids are also present capture them as they
too get ready.this is an opportunity have some real fun. And to be honest where some of the best footage is captured.

Initially your mates maybe a little self conscious with you sticking a camcorder in their, face so start off easy. Get them arriving and being greeted, thats always a nice moment ..As the morning moves on they will become more relaxed with being filmed.

And unaware that’s its even happening …Have a laugh with them, after all that’s the whole point… they are your mates and your not a stranger …That’s what makes our videos great. So muck around play with the camcorder pass it around basically have a hoot. Get them to have a dance if music is playing. Or get them to do something that is unique to them.

It can be anything, twisting their tongue in strange way for example. …I know this might sound crazy, but believe me when I say this is what its all about, capturing the personality’s of the people that are there. And you and your friends are the best people to do that ..

lastly get people to leave a short message for the bride. If possible somewhere quite and out of the way so it a nice surprise when she watches it back…and good place to start this is with the question what do you want to say to ( brides name ) that leaves it nice and open. check out our other reviews and our other posts this was a Film your own wedding shooting tip


Film your own wedding tip 4

It's less about asking the people ypu are filming laods of inane questions  (apart from asking the bride and groom how they are feeling) and much more about  filming how peopel are interacting with each other ...thats's where the gold is...the point being you don't need to make somthing happen when you are filming, just film what actaully is happeneing thats all ypu need to do

film your own wedding zen


Film your own wedding the grooms prep

 Remember these  guys are your mates, so its up to you to get them at their best.

which is too say their most relaxed and natural.

Becasue fundimantally that's what makes theses videos unique, The fact is no matter how good a professional videographer  is they will never have that one edge you've got, the people you are filming are your mates,.

don't make a big deal out of the filming process just have a laugh and before too long they will forget its even happening.

Basically your job is to make a mini documentary so film everything and

imagine the camcorder is a sleeping baby  that you don't want to wake ...make everything slow and smooth and you will be on to a winner.