Light at the end of the aisle

Is there light at the end of the aisle. Have we turned a corner. is the horizon in sight. Just when it seems things seem to be in the up we once again face another challenge …

A variant. Not content just being the ghastly manifestation it already was. It now decides it has to be something worse. trying times for all for sure. But we will find a way we always do.

we’ve been finding a way for millennia. If nothing else, it’s what we are. and we will once again. We walk through time determined yet unknowing. And it seems whatever is thrown at us be it plagues, meteorites war or famine we find a way.

Although it is still unclear what next year holds for us. Either more of the same or a new outlook with the vaccine clearing the way for normality to ensue. we will be forever optimistic. a trait we wear nonchalantly but which holds more power than all that time has thrown at us

We have done it before and we will do it again. A cheery smile is what I find when meeting people in the street. never a sign of capitulation. Just a world-weary realization that eventfully things will be back to normal… and eventually  they will be …Light at the end of the aisle …check out our reviews on facebook and our videos on our site